The Case Competition

The Union’s Careers Fair Case Competition 2017

The Union’s Careers Fair Case Competition 2017 is hosted by the Legal Association in cooperation with Gernandt & Danielsson Law Firm. One morning, a client approaches you with a legal problem and requests your assistance. You and your team must deliver a solution in the afternoon the very same day. The teams need to work efficiently and still take the client’s best interests into account. All material relevant to the case will be handout out on the day of the competition. Lawyers from G&D will be present and offer support throughout the day. Do you want further insight and understanding of the life at a law firm? Submit your application to the Union’s Careers Fair Case Competition of 2017!

The 2017 Case Competition
The Case if hosted for the fifth year in a row. The G&D has for several consecutive years been ranked at the top among Sweden’s law firms, and has considerable experience in Swedish and international business law alike.

The professional life at a law firm is intense and demanding, although incredibly fun and challenging at the same time. You will grow both as a lawyer and indeed as a person. The Case Competition is an excellent opportunity for further insight.

The work at G&D is almost exclusively performed together with other colleagues. For each project, a team of co-workers is designed to match the competence and experience required. A major feature of a profession within business law is team work, between colleagues and within the firm-client relationship alike.   

The legal issues dealt with at G&D are often of a complex nature. Deep understanding of the law, along with creative, tactical and strategical skills are necessary requirements. Additionally, the legal solution reached must be presented and explained in a logical and coherent manner to the client. To facilitate your journey from a legal practitioner, fresh out of law school, to becoming an experienced lawyer, you get to work alongside experts.

The 2017 Case offers a unique possibility for you to try out the life of a business lawyer in a realistic context. The format is a team based competition, and takes place only on Monday during the 23rd of October. No preparations are required. G&D employees will be present to give advice during curse of the day.

On the day of the competition
The competitors will solve a business law case as requested by a fictional client. The client approaches you and your team in the morning and expects a solution to his or her legal problem by the afternoon, when a jury will evaluate your team’s performance and solution to the case.

The day starts with breakfast at the Grand Hotel in Lund. There, the competitors and the jurists of G&D will get introduced and receive the details for the competition. You will be partnered up with a team, work space, and a case file. Your team needs to read and grasp the material, come up with a solution and apply it in written form, and prepare a 10-minutes long presentation until the afternoon.

The team with the most compelling case wins the competition and is awarded a both premium and educative prize. The day is concluded with food, drinks and good company. The winning team will be announced during the dinner. A presentation of the winning team as well as a prize ceremony will take place during the Fall Festival on Thursday the 26th of October.

The Prize
The success of G&D stem from a deep understanding of the law. The aim of meeting with students is to share the expert knowledge and experience. Therefore, the winning team will be invited alongside their Uppsala comrades for whole day’s visit to G&D’s office in Stockholm. The winners get to meet professional lawyers of the highest level in person, and from these very experts receive sharp career advice. Furthermore, both dinner and one night’s stay a hotel will be provided. G&D will cover expenses for travel and accommodation.

We look forward to meeting you!

Best regards,

Primus Holm Linder, head of Debate & Case for the 2017 JiA-Committee,