JiA-Case 2022

The JiA-case, which is arranged in collaboration with Gernandt & Danielsson, has the goal of giving a realistic and fun insight in how it might look when a legal assistant tackles a sharp case at a business law firm. 

The day starts with breakfast at Grand Hotel in Lund. At that time, one of the firm's most important clients contacts you about a problem you weren't prepared for at all. After that you and your team - which is comprised of at most six people - have until the afternoon to come up with a solution to present to yout client (which is represented by a jury). Just as in real life - and unlike how it is when studying for an exam - you can't prepare, and all prerequisites and reference material is given to you on the spot. 

The amount of participants is limited and priority will be given to the students who has finished or is currently in term three since the case will mostly be dealing with questions regarding corporate and stock market law. Everyone is still warmly welcome to sign up and can participate if there is free space.

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A unique insight into working life

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