Work at JiA

Engaging in the JiA-week is truly worthwhile since it not only provides a brilliant opportunity to connect important business contacts, but also gives you the opportunity to engage in JF’s biggest and funniest project!

The JiA-fair will take place on Thursday, October 20th. As a trade fair, it is your mission to be your exhibitor during the fair day, and you will also be in touch with the exhibitor before the fair. You will also help them to pack and later make them ready for the evening’s Fall Festival. You also participate in the two preparatory trade fair meetings that take place in JF’s premises the weeks before the fair.

As a thank you for your commitment as a trade fair, you will get a ticket to the Fall Festival at a discounted price, or attend the after party for free.

Do you want to work at the JiA fair? Fair Manager Lisa Hammarlund at