Contact meetings

The JiA-week is a place to create a contact between law students and business. During the JiA-fair students are given the opportunity to make contact with several of the exhibiting companies. It is an opportunity for the students to meet the companies and their representatives in a more informal way. Both companies and students should have the opportunity to get acquainted with each other, ask questions and establish valuable contacts for the future.

The contact meeting should not be a regular job interview, but a more relaxed way of contacting the companies without the press of an interview situation. Each meeting is about 20 min long. The application is open to students from all semesters, but students from the later semesters are prioritized. The more contacts connected, the greater the opportunity to find the right one!

The contact conversation should be reviewed by:

  • Professionalism
    The companies and students should feel pro-active, well informed and well-looked after.
  • Personal
    Students and representatives will get a chance to get to know each other, tie ties and create real relationships. Personal presence is important in order to create meaningful meetings.
  • Informality
    Participants should feel comfortable, motivated and avoid the pressure usually found in the meeting with representatives from working life. The idea is therefore that the contact talks should take place under more informal and prestigious forms compared to, for example, a work interview.

Further information will be up shortly!

Please feel free to contact me at if you are interested or have questions!