Are you interested in exhibiting during the JiA-fair 2022?

The JiA-days is Juridiska föreningens job market days which in 2022 is arranged between 31st of october and 3rd of november. The JiA-fair 2022 is on the 3rd of november inside the AF-building in Lund. At the start of summer we will send out invites by E-mail. If you are interested in getting an invitation, reach out to If you got an invitation to the fair last year you will also get sent an invitation this year (observe that the invitation will be sent to the same email as last year).

In the invitation there will be more general information about this year's JiA-days and a product catalog where it will state the different fair packages and other possibilities to exposure and student contact that we offer this year. Attached will also be a sign up link which you use to sign up and tell us which fair package you want. Sign ups close at the end of summer and when we have made sure we can offer a fair space we will be sending a formal booking confirmation and added information about the process going forward. If you have any more questions or wonderings about participating in the JiA-fair just contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully see you in AF-borgen the 3rd of november!