Training day 2022

Training day is a jam-packed day where you as a student get a possibility to prepare for the life after the law programme, namely when it's time for you to start job searching!

The day contains three different events which you can partake in. More information about the events is in the Facebook-event!

Training interviews

During this event you will be given the chance to better your technique and skills in completing a job interview. Job interviews are something a lot of people feel anxious and nervous about and that's why this is a great chans for you to grow and be more confident in interviews.

During the training interviews you as a student will get tips and tricks from some of Sweden's top law firms. Besides bettering your interview skills, this is also a unique opportunity to make valuable and useful connections for the future.

The firms participating at the training interviews is Mannheimer Swartling, Setterwalls, Vinge, VeraHill and newcomer this year, Hurtig and Partners. The interviews will be held at Juridicum.


During Training Day there will also be an event where you as a student have the possibility to get your CV examined.

Writing a wellwritten and unique CV is an artform in itself as we all know. How do I catch the attention of the employer? How do I personalize my personal letter fitting to the job? How do I get my CV to stand out from the rest?

If you want answers to these questions you shouldn't miss signing up to the CV-scrutiny which this year is held by Mannheimer Swartling and Lunicore, Lund's university's studentconsultcompany.


The third event on Training Day is a CV-photography where you as a student have the possibility in just ten minutes take a professional CV-picture. A good-looking and representative CV-picture will be the icing on the cake on your CV!

The JiA-App
Sign-ups for the events (and a whole lot more) will be in the app on both Google Play and Appstore. Download it today and put on notifications so you won't miss anything!